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Gas and Electricity Connector For Tig Welder

Product: Gas and Electricity Connector For Tig Welder
Classification: Ballistic Helmets
Port: Shanghai, China
■ Air gouging torch is known as arc gouging, uses the high-temperature current generated between the carbon electrode and the metal to locally heat the metal to a molten state. ■ Meanwhile, it uses the high-speed airflow of compressed air to blow off the molten metal, thereby realizing the treatment of the metal base material. A processing method for planing and cutting.

Product Specifications

Place of OriginJiangdu Industrial Park, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Net Weight0.2kg
Package Weight0.1kg


■ We provide two kind of gas and electricity connectors. The argon arc welding joint refers to the position where the arc is re-started when the joint is started. It should be on the slope of the welding seam at a distance of 10 to 15 mm from the weld hole. After the arc is started, it overlaps with the welding seam by 10 to 15 mm. Generally, no welding wire is added at the overlap. Or reduce the wire.


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