2021-11-05 13:49:27

Archer Zhang

Instruction of Gouging Carbon Rod

Technology Performance

Air-arc carbon rod gouging technology is mainly applied in the fields of metal structure,metal casting,and shipbuilding,etc,it enhances processing efficiency,and improves working condition by adopting the technique of airarc carbon gouging instead of the old pneumatic chiseling.The metal surface treated by carbon rod gouging is smooth clean and flat without ant harmful infiuence to the metal Performance.It is featured by convenient operation,low cost and noiselessness.



1. Power:Normal D.C.for welding machines can be used for air-arc gouging car-bon electrode.

2. Range of currency:The currency range adopted directly influences the processing quality and results.if it is too will be dif ficult for gouging;if too large ,it will cause heated carbon head too long,which will result in the rod becomes thinner and the processing qualitypoor.Therefore the proper currency range as shown in the table herewith should be adopted in accordance with the model and dimension of gouging carbo electrode.

3. Range of Air pressure:The normal air pressure range is 4-6kg/cm2,which shall be in compliance with the diameter of gouging carbom general,higher air pres-cure is for bigger diameter of the rod and lower pressure for smaller diameter. if air pressure for smaller diameter.if air pressure is too high, electrical arc is unstable;if too low, melted metal can not be blew off easlily, which will infulecce the quality of gouging groove

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